A bright financial future involves much more than relying on strong investment choices alone. There are comprehensive financial structures that when utilized appropriately will maximize your financial position. Fortunately, business owners in Canada can apply many different strategies to help protect and increase their personal net worth.

At Advantage Wealth Systems we are excited to announce the CorpFlow capital dividend system, a product developed in conjunction with one of Canada's leading financial institutions. CorpFlow has been created to unlock greater personal cash flow for the owners of private corporations in Canada by reducing their personal tax burden.

In most cases, Income for private corporations in Canada is taxed favorably at what is known as the “small business rate”. The tax rate generally ranges from 11%-16%. Compare that to the top marginal personal tax rate in Ontario and Manitoba of 46.4%, and the small business rate is actually quite attractive.

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Once the corporation has paid tax, the funds remaining increase the equity value of the company and are held in what is called retained earnings. If the business owner then wishes to access the retained earnings for personal use, they will be forced to incur a large tax loss, often in excess of one third of the value. Simply put, CorpFlow solves the personal taxation issue and effectively allows business owners to access the value of their retained earnings, without the tax loss.

In summary, the CorpFlow capital dividend system is a truly innovative tax-efficiency program that provides immediate benefits for you and your family, and furthermore allows greater ability to build a financial legacy for years to come.