At Advantage we find innovative and secure ways to provide total financial return.


We have developed compelling opportunities in conjunction with some of Canada’s premier financial institutions, the most respected legal counsel and Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA).


We believe that capital preservation is key to a successful long-term financial strategy. Downside protection is an essential element within all of our product offerings.

Financially Rewarding

We have a history of providing opportunities and strategies, which have produced returns for our clients.

A bright financial future involves much more than relying on strong investment choices alone. There are financial structures that when utilized appropriately will maximize your financial position. Fortunately, business owners in Canada can apply many different strategies to help protect and increase their personal net worth.

In most cases, Income for private corporations in Canada is taxed favorably at what is known as the “small business rate”. The tax rate generally ranges from 11%-16%. Compare that to the top marginal personal tax rate in Ontario and Manitoba of 46.4%, and the small business rate is actually quite attractive.